On this page you will soon find an overview of all SUNS Furniture Covers and for which furniture they are suitable.

SUNS Furniture Covers

For years we have signaled the demand for good covers for outdoor furniture, especially for teak furniture. We started developing and after extensive testing we can now offer you: SUNS Furniture Covers. Our high-quality covers have the following properties:

  • Super strong
  • Colorfast
  • Water resistant
  • Durable
  • Breathable

And breathability is important. Since the material allows air to pass through, it does not suffocate the furniture. This is important because it prevents mold and bacterial growth. This is a big advantage when covering wooden furniture, especially teak.

The SUNS Furniture Covers have a practical size which makes them usable for various sets and arrangements. Our premium covers are now available in our Dealer Webshop. Use them to your advantage!


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